Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Shehrullah mubarak

As usual, it is Shaikh Mustafa, my friend, my mentor, my brother, who expresses the sentiment of Ramadan in prose both short yet laden with meaning and inspiration:

Its time again to take stock and do the things we should be doing

rather than what we end up doing.

May your Shehrullah be fruitful, may fulfil your hopes and make your

spirit soar. May the blessings of the month and of the Qur'an descend

upon you.

And whilst you make your connections with the Almighty, try, if you

can, to include us.

Your supplications and remembrances are always highly treasured. More

so as you are amongst those who He has favoured with the love for His

Wali. May his supplications benefit us all.

insha'allah! Mubarak to all, and iltemas e-dua for the fazil raat ahead.

UPDATE: Ramadan Mubarak to my other muslim friends, for whom Ramadan fasting began a day later, because they follow the moonsighting practice rather than the hijri calendar.

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