Wednesday, December 20, 2006

changes afoot

First off - the results of the Brass Crescent Awards have been announced. Yes, I am extremely tardy in announcing it here but I was too busy announcing it everywhere else :)

I know that things have been slow around here. That's because I am planning on making some changes after the new year. I am going to be relying more on as an engine for the content I post here, and will be changing the layout of the blog a bit accordingly. The basic idea is to make the two feeds from the Carnival of Brass - at present relegated to the sidebar - more central. I will still blog here but that will just be part of the daily content.

My purpose is to basically create a sort of "mini-portal" that will serve as a general resource in terms of highlighting analysis and opinions by experts and other bloggers that you wouldn't normally be exposed to via the media, on the issues of the day. That takes some pressure off as well and lets me allocate more time to other projects.

I'll start making the changes after the holidays. Until then, happy new year, merry Christmas and Hanukkah, and good Festivus to you all.

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  1. At least as much going from own experience being raised as a Catholic. I can still recall the times we actually read the New Testament because it was so rare, our religion came from Catholic books and what the priests told us.

    Few children are interested in the rather archaic texts of their religion so they could have filled our heads with anything they liked and passed it off as Catholism.

    What makes all religions so dangerous in my view because so much influence is placed in the hands of a few who are held in such high regard.