Sunday, July 30, 2006

the tragedy of moderation

Go read. ALL of it.

Hizbollah has won. again.

And to those who have so little faith in the power of the Enlightenment, who argue that the sole route to victory requires the West to abandon its soul, then my response is that the West has already lost and does not deserve to win.

While you look at this picture of this man, keep in mind what Alan Dershowitz has said. And then ask yourself just how falsely the claims of sorrow from Israel must ring in his ears.

UPDATE: Jonathan Edelstein aka the Head Heeb sums it up: the attack on Qana was stupid.

O, Israel! You are your own worst enemy. Jan Egeland's proposal for a 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire, seems like such a lost opportunity now. Israel will now suspend aerial attacks for 48 hours, but the damage is done and Israel has lost.

Had the Egeland proposal been accepted, precious time would have been secured for Hizbollah to succumb further to domestic pressures - Hizbollah had already agreed to the 7-point plan that subtantially achieved most of Israel's strategic objectives!

But Israel pressed on and now they have lost. Hizbollah is supreme in Lebanon, it's national reputation reclaimed from the abyss it faced just three days ago. Oh, you fools!


  1. First of all, the photo of that man carrying the child is acting, pure and simple, just like on a Hollywood set. I reject it completely as a hoax.

    well, ok then. I side with Megan McArdle on that matter; I think your embrace of the hoax thesis is sufficient cause fo rme to reject your opinion just as completely. I don't see any point to engaging you in debate at all.

  2. arcane, they couldn't leave.
    they had no money or food or transport.
    the kids were too little to walk out.

    what if...we had a time machine, and we could go back and change things about the establishment of israel as a state? could we reduce the sense of injustice, the hatred, the desire for revenge of the palestinians, somehow?
    what if what israel is doing right now, could be done in some different way to not insert the hatred and vengence and percieved injustice into arab culture?

  3. OK, what did I say that constituted "bashing" Islam?

  4. I should have said "various highly militant interpretations of the Islamic religion." I apologize.

  5. Well, now that the photographer who took the Qana photos has been suspended for doctoring other photographs, I think there is more than enough precedent now to state that the Qana photos were probably doctored, as well.

    Adnan Hajj

  6. arcane, they were not doctored, but they could have been "staged" for effect.

  7. Doctored, staged, what's the difference? What is important that Hizbollah has gone on a propaganda war and some people easily bought into it at Qana, showing that they will always side with their tribe.