Monday, September 26, 2005

The Aggie jokes just write themselves

via Eric Berger, check out this picture of Loupot's bookstore at Texas A&M taken by Andrew McNeel.

The Aggie jokes just write themselves

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  1. hehe, yeah :)

    there's a long-running rivalry between Texas A&M University (College Station, TX) and The University of Texas (flagship branch in Austin TX). Somehow, the A&M "Aggies" got a reputation for thicker skulls than the Longhorns of UT. Hence, there's a whole industry in Aggie bashing.

    These rivalries are, I have noticed, more intense the close the two schools are located. Relative to the Harvard/MIT spat, the Aggies and Longhorns barely register.

    I must confess, I have a bias - I got my PhD from the UT branch in Houston, and am about ot start my postdoc at UT Med School. So, technically, I'm a Longhorn.

    That said, my favorite Aggie joke is:

    A guy walks into a bar and says to the bartender, "Hey bartender, I know a great Aggie joke. You want to hear it?" The bartender says, "Well, before you tell it I should probably tell you that I went to A&M. And you see those two big guys sitting next to you -- they were linebackers for the Aggie football team. And those two guys on your other side -- they're Marines, and they used to be in the Corps of Cadets at A&M. Now, are you sure you really want to tell that Aggie joke?"

    The guy thinks for a second. "I guess not," he said. "I wouldn't want to have to explain it five times."