Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Days of Ascent and Elevation

Friday was the day the Prophet Mohammed SAW ascended to Heaven from the site now covered by the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Saturday was the day that Muhammad was elevated to the status of Prophet, beginning with the Revelation of the first verse of the Qur'an. For more information about these and other important religious events during the month of Shere ul-Rajab, visit this site.

To commemorate these events, all members of my community fasted until sunset - including, I add with immense father's pride, my daughter. May Allah elevate us all in stature by virtue of our deeds.

Saturday was also the third anniversary of 9-11, but this year it didn't really register. I hope I never live to see another day like 9-11 again. I haven't forgotten it, and never will. But this year, the weekend was one of celebration of faith, and spiritual hope. There will be many anniversaries of 9-11 ahead, and I will give it it's due then. But not this year.

UPDATE: Imshin lectures those of us who did not "rend our garments." I agree with jonathan - it's been three years, and the emotion has matured over time. I don't think there's more that needs to be said, apart from, Don't presume we don't remember. We always will.

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